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Meeting the Labor Demand Part 1

There’s a nationwide issue in the construction industry that needs to be fixed. There is simply a lack of qualified workers available to work on projects. In past articles on our website, we have discussed ways you can combat this labor shortage issue, learn about the root of the problem, and we have even offered strategies to hire workers to beat the shortage. It cannot be stressed enough that this is a serious problem that can negatively impact the industry if we do not quickly find a solution.

As Jacksonville construction attorneys, we are dedicated to resolving this dilemma so our clients can avoid delays and have reliable professionals available to help them complete projects. In this two-part article, we will first discuss just how big a concern this shortage has become. In the second section, we will conclude our series.

Serious Concern Over Availability of Labor

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported disturbing news in 2017. After asking a list of questions to professional builders, the results were very discouraging. Builders cited that their biggest problem in the industry was pertaining to the “cost and availability” of labor. Even more concerning, this was considered the primary conflict of 82 percent of the builders questioned.

This need for competent industry professionals has rapidly grown over the last six years. When NAHB asked builders the same list of questions in 2011, only 13 percent of the professionals cited labor availability as their primary concern. Since 2011, the concern has rapidly grown to 30 percent in 2012, 53 percent in 2013, 61 percent in 2014, 71 percent in 2015, and 78 percent in 2017.

The Problems With Filling the Labor Gap

There are a variety of issues with filling the labor gap. The primary one being that tens of thousands of construction professionals are retiring every year and few millennials have interest in starting a career in the construction industry. With high schools focusing their efforts on students going to a four-year university over a trade school, many young men and women aren’t even aware that a career in construction is a possibility. As we will discuss more in the next section, with rapid industry growth, it’s becoming more and more challenging to meet this demand.

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