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Memphis Construction Lien Lawyer

Filing a lien is an efficient way to recover the funds you are owed; however, lien law is complex and saturated with deadlines. The best way of making sure things go according to plan is to work with an experienced Memphis construction lien lawyer.

Lien Statute Overhaul

Like most states, Tennessee has a statutory means by which a person or company who provides labor or materials for the construction of new buildings or improvement of existing real estate can secure payment for the work, materials, or both.

In 2007, the mechanics lien statute was overhauled in order to make it easier; however, lien law is still filled with nuances and riddled with intricacies that require the knowledge of a Memphis mechanics lien law attorney. To enforce a lien, you must be in “strict compliance” with the statute while making your case.

Your Memphis Construction Lien Lawyer Will File Your Lien

Our firm offers fixed prices when it comes to drafting certain documents, and this includes filing lien or bond documents. This streamlined process puts your lien in the hands of a skilled Memphis construction lien lawyer while providing you with an upfront cost. When you are already in the process of recovering funds, the last thing you need is an unpredictable financial situation regarding your legal counsel.

Tennessee Lien Deadlines

In the event that a lien has not been paid, a construction professional must enforce their lien by a deadline. For example, a  general contractor has one year from the completion of the project to enforce their lien. In some cases, such as those involving a supplier, the lien deadline date would relate to the last delivery of materials.

There are, however, several other deadlines you will need to meet which are dependant on the specifics of your case, role, and relationship to the other party. This includes providing the Notice of Lien to the registrar’s office among the need for other lien notice services. Your Memphis construction lien lawyer will assist you in drafting the necessary paperwork and meeting these critical deadlines.

Work With a Skilled Memphis Mechanics Lien Law Attorney

Our firm has over 100 years of combined construction law experience, which is an asset to any construction professional. The needs of this industry are complex, and any misstep in regard to lien law can result in the loss of your lien rights. Working with a skilled attorney can ensure that you are able to recover the funds you are owed.

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