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New Apps for the Construction Industry Part 1

The construction site of today is one in which smart phones and tablets are becoming as commonplace as hardhats and it’s not about communicating with loved ones. These devices feature apps that are making work easier and more efficient. Tasks such as reporting, planning, and managing subcontractors can be completed quickly and more accurately with the use of mobile apps. This saves contractors time and money and reduces inaccuracies that lead to claims. Head over to part two to learn more.

As Orlando construction lawyers, we’ve worked with many professionals within the construction industry and we know what they need to make their jobs easier. With that said, the apps listed below all succeed when it comes to transforming the job site.

Raken: Raken is a robust reporting app for Android and Apple devices. Reports may be typed into the app or created using voice commands. The content that you provide can be combined with photos, information about weather conditions, or to-do lists to create a comprehensive report. If a dispute ever arises, reports from Raken can be given to your Orlando construction lawyer so that she can build your case.

Pacific Timesheet: This app is designed to streamline back office activities such as time tracking and creating expense reports. Information can be recorded and applied to reporting in real time.

PlanGrid: This app provides an easy platform for contractors and designers to collaborate, bridging the gap between the two. Specs and project plans are all in one place, making it easier to record revisions as they are made.

SafeSite: This app is designed to streamline safety processes. SafeSite allows you to record safety hazards, conduct field inspections, and relay the information to the appropriate parties. The app makes being compliant easier and more efficient. Pictures and checklists can be combined with information to make more comprehensive reports. Plant and equipment profiles are easy to produce as well.

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