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New Year’s Resolutions For Contractors And Construction Companies Part 1

A new year brings a renewed energy and a renewed dedication to increasing the success of your construction business. It’s a time of reflection- a time to look at the successes and shortcomings of the previous year and create a plan to grow your company. In life and in business, this is done through resolutions.

Our Tampa construction attorneys have a tremendous amount of experience with companies in the construction industry. Utilizing that knowledge and an understanding of industry trends, we created a list of resolutions for contractors and construction companies. Committing to all of these or even a couple of them will make a big difference in the growth and success of your enterprise. Feel free to skip ahead to part two for more resolutions.

Help Bring New Talent to The Construction Industry

The recession of the late 2000’s has led to a shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry. The previous generation of construction workers are retiring en masse and the industry, as a whole, has had difficulty attracting millennials. To combat this trend, consider becoming an active part of technical recruiting and training programs for the construction industry. You have “on the ground” knowledge that could prove invaluable in drawing young people to the field. Also, consider offering internships within your company. The direct link between learning and working is critical to garnering interest in the construction industry as a career.

Use New Technology

For many industries, the use of newer technologies is a normal part of doing business. The construction industry is a little behind. However, technology is being used more and more for tracking activity on the jobsite, daily reporting, and data analysis. One piece of technology that has the potential to be huge for the construction industry is the drone. Recent changes in FAA policy have made it easier than ever to use drone technology for tasks like monitoring field site conditions. Integrating new technology may seem daunting initially, but it will ultimately make your business more efficient.

Focus on Safety

Even if you have successfully implemented this resolution in 2019, you should make it a resolution in 2020- it’s that important. There were increases in the number of citations for many of OSHA’s top ten violations for 2019. Focusing on safety procedures and training in 20120will not only keep your company in compliance, it will keep your employees safe. A Tampa construction lawyer can be a great resource when in it comes to ensuring that you are OSHA compliant.

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