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Requesting Extra Time to Complete a Project Part 3

There are plenty of legitimate reasons beyond the contractor’s control why they may need to file a delay request form. It’s paramount for contractors to follow project protocol and submit a notice detailing why they need extra time granted. Failure to properly provide a request for extra time could result in forfeiture of additional compensation, liability for damages incurred during the delay, and the loss of credibility as a contractor.

When requesting extra time to finish a project, it’s important to have a Jacksonville construction attorney that can provide you with the legal insight you need. In this four-part article, we first discussed the delay notice. In the second section, we discussed reasons why a contractor may require additional time. In this section and the final section, we will summarize how a contractor requests and is granted approval for an extension.

Extension of Time Application

When a contractor needs extra time to complete a project that is experiencing a delay that is not their fault, they can submit a delay notice or “extension of time form” to the project’s contract administrator. This written notice should include the specific problem that is creating the delay, an itemized list of construction tasks needed to be performed that were affected by the delay, and the specific contracting specs, photographs, drawings, designs and other resources related to the issue. In addition, it’s important for the contractor to provide solution proposals for getting the project back on course and in-depth analysis of ways that can further prevent and diminish these delays from setting back the project even further.

Providing Clarity in the Application

When submitting an extension of time form, it’s important for the contractor to provide as much clarity to the situation as possible. It’s also important for the contractor to explain why the delay is affecting the project schedule to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the current status of the project and the preventive measures that can be taken to reduce future delays. Lastly, it’s critical to employ the right Jacksonville construction lawyer to review your contract and assist you through the claim process. If the presentation of this form is of a high caliber, it will only improve your chances of being granted extra time.

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