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Seeking Payment from Owners Part 1

Unfortunately, owners will not always appropriately compensate their construction professionals for their services. If you are a construction professional that is owed money for services you performed for a property owner, please contact a Tampa construction lawyer today. In this three-section article, we will first discuss the do’s and don’ts of agreeing to a contract with an owner. In the second section, we will discuss methods you can use at the workplace to support your potential claim. In the final section, we will discuss different routes you can take to seek payment.

Agree to a Fair Contract

As a construction professional, it’s important to remember that “until the contract is signed, nothing is real.” Before beginning the job, the contractor should always have a signed contract that clearly defines the labor services and materials they will provide to the workplace along with the total compensation for these services and materials. A contractor should never under any circumstance settle for a verbal agreement from a property owner. The contractor should also never agree to any clauses in a contract that prohibits their right to file a lien or restricts them in any legal way from being able to seek payment for the services they perform. Lastly, there should always be a provision in the contract that states, in the event of a legal dispute, the owner, if found liable, will pay the contractor’s legal fees.

Update the Contract Accordingly

Once work has commenced, the tasks and requirements of the job can easily change. If the job has evolved into more requirements and time spent at the workplace your contract should reflect this. In this case, the contractor needs an updated addendum to the contract that documents all the additional work that is required and whether or not that work will entail additional payment for the services rendered. Even if the work does not require more compensation, the contractor should still have this written addendum included in the agreement.

As Tampa construction attorneys, we know that many cases are won or lost based off of the initial contract a contractor has agreed to with an owner. Closely reviewing your contract ensures you are provided with the salary you deserve for the services you provide to the project.

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