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Seeking Payment from Owners Part 2

If you are a construction professional and an owner has failed to compensate you for your services contact a Tampa construction lawyer today. In this three-section article, we first discussed tips on how to agree to the right contract with an owner. In the second section, we will discuss techniques you can take at the workplace to help prove that you performed the work according to standards. In the final section, we will discuss ways to seek payment from an owner.

The following procedures can help a construction professional prove that they were not negligent in performing their tasks.

Log Significant Information at the Workplace

It’s of extreme importance to document the work that you perform on any given day at the workplace. More importantly, it’s critical to have the property owner acknowledge that this work was performed on the date and that they were happy with it. Request that the owner sign daily tasks forms acknowledging the tasks performed on each day, the materials used, and when each assignment was completed by. This is an ideal way of displaying that the property owner was aware of the services you performed, the date they were performed on, the total costs of the service, and that the work met their approval for the project.

Document the Workplace

With impressive digital cameras in our pockets, you should always self-document your work area. Detailing your workplace job tasks and materials used in pictures could become critical photographic evidence to your potential case. In addition, documenting other contractors’ work on the same site can prevent any unfair accusations of negligence on the jobsite.

Keeping descriptive daily tasks forms and photographs of your workplace only ensures that you were a responsible contractor that performed work according to the standards set in the contract. In case of a payment dispute, doing this can also offset any allegations of negligence by the owner.

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