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Seeking Payment from Owners Part 3

As St. Petersburg construction lawyers, we are here to provide talented construction industry professionals with any legal counsel they may need. Sadly, many contractors perform excellent work for owners only to remain unpaid for their services. The owners will try to excuse themselves from the bill by claiming that the contractor failed to complete the project according to the standards set. If this has happened to you please contact a St. Petersburg construction attorney immediately.

In this three-section article, we first discussed contract tips for when you agree to work with an owner. In the second section, we discussed ways you can help prove that you performed the work to the standards that were set by the owner. In the final section, we will discuss methods to receive payment from the owner.

Secure Deposits

Contractors don’t want to complete a job and have zero compensation collected before they are finished. It’s best to go into a project ensured that you will receive at least 25 to 50 percent of the total compensation upfront. Receiving a deposit before you begin work provides that safety net. For longer jobs, it’s a good idea to establish progress payments. Consistently receiving payment for the services provided will make things less awkward at the end of the project when the owner owes you a huge lump sum of cash.

Hire the Best Construction Attorney

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that even with a great contract, detailed daily tasks reports, deposits and progress payments, that you will get all of your rightfully earned money. If the owner is dodging your emails and phone calls, you could send them a letter that details what you are owed, the services performed, along with a copy of the original contract. However, if the owner is dodging your calls and emails, they will likely ignore this as well. If this has happened to you, it’s time to contact a St. Petersburg construction attorney. As a law firm that specializes in construction law, we will help you receive the payment you deserve for the excellent services you provided.

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