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Strategies for Working With Difficult People on Construction Sites Part 1

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The construction industry is complex, competitive, and challenging in many ways including maintaining professional relationships on construction sites. Not only do construction professionals have to deal with rules, regulations, and codes, they also have to be cognizant of their interactions with people at every level within the workforce. Some of these people will prove to be difficult and conflict magnets, which could ultimately lead to a legal dispute. Our Miami construction attorneys will discuss how to identify and deal with difficult people on construction sites in this article and part two.

Identifying Difficult People

Have you ever had to manage or work with anyone that was arrogant, untrustworthy, unproductive, demanding, or condescending? Anyone with these characteristics can make your work life very uncomfortable. Other characteristics of difficult people are those who are abrasive. They may be a bully or overly pessimistic. Then there are those who think they know it all and are never wrong. They never seem to be aware of their own shortcomings but can spot someone else’s easily.

Techniques for Dealing With Difficult People

Preparing yourself to deal wisely and effectively with those that make work unbearable at times requires a strategy. Here are a few tips:

Do Some Introspection: Before rushing to judgment, think about whether you are contributing to the problems you are having with an individual. Are you behaving selfishly or displaying passive aggressive behaviors towards the person?

Communicate Clearly and Often: Having clear goals and expectations will help everyone to be on the same page.

Accept the Person: Accepting them does not make their behavior right, it is simply a means of relinquishing control over the person. You cannot change a person, they must recognize their own bad behavior and change themselves.

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