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Strategies for Working With Difficult People on Construction Sites Part 2

Our West Palm construction attorneys know that every workplace will have some people that are more difficult to work with than others. It’s critical that you understand characteristics that difficult people display as well as how to deal with these individuals in a professional and effective way. Once you are empowered in your work relationships, the more you can build strong and collaborative relationships in the workplace. To review more techniques for dealing with difficult people, be sure to read part one of our article.

Techniques for Dealing With Difficult People

Keep Them Busy: A busy person will cause fewer problems. Their increased productivity is a win-win for all.

Separate Them: If they are not team players, find a way to keep them busy and separate them from the crowd so they can focus on their work.

Don’t Debate: For some, debating with them only adds fuel to the fire. Be ok with agreeing to disagree or even allowing them to “win” some debates.

Praise Them: It may be hard to do but countering a person’s abrasiveness with soft words and kudos can help to dissipate their anger and possibly win a friend.

Find a Way to Vent: Whether you need to speak with a manager, human resources, or a trusted peer, it is important to speak with someone within the construction arena who can offer you unbiased advice and help you get to the root of the matter.

Terminate Them: When all else fails, you may have to terminate the worker or client relationship. If a person’s behavior proves to be destructive to the company or project, you may have to let them go. It’s important to do so professionally and with dignity.

In conclusion, managing and collaborating with so many different people in the construction industry means that you will likely run into a difficult person from time to time. It is essential that you be direct, address the facts, and remain positive and professional when handling difficult people. If your business relationships have given rise to a legal conflict, it is wise to seek counsel from a West Palm construction attorney.

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