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The Internet of Things and The Construction Industry Part 1

In recent years, technology has slowly become a mainstay on many construction sites. Items such as project management software and tablets, which separated certain companies from their competition, are now becoming commonplace. Contractors in Tallahassee and throughout the country are using technology to complete projects faster and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Even if you don’t consider yourself “tech-savvy”, you’ve likely heard the term “the Internet of Things” or IoT. IoT is the embedding of devices, such as sensors, into machines that enable them to connect to the internet for a variety of purposes. Much has been made of IoT’s potential to make everyday life easier to manage through the use of appliances that sense when they need to be repaired or the refrigerator that alerts you when you need to purchase more butter. However, there’s a great number of ways in which IoT technology is already having a major impact on how structures are built. In this two-part series, our Tallahassee construction law attorneys will highlight a few of the exciting ways in which IoT is being applied in construction.

Remote Access to Instructions and Training

It’s one thing to walk around with a training manual or your notes from a class, it’s another to have detailed instructions placed above the machines that you are using. IoT technology accomplishes this through the use of smart glasses and virtual reality (VR). With these technologies, operators can put glasses on and access instructions for a piece of equipment and read step by step how to use it. There hands are free, which is safer than the alternative. Training courses also become more effective when VR allows you to learn while using machinery.

Equipment Tracking

Construction sites are fast moving and often open, tools have a habit of vanishing. By placing sensors on tools and equipment, you are always able to track their movement. Also, if you manage multiple sites, IoT technology can allow you plan the use of heavy equipment, reducing the likelihood of delays.

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