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The NTSB and When Significant Accidents Happen Part 3

When roadways or bridges are deemed unsafe or disaster strikes, there is an agency that evaluates the construction process and determines what the culprit was for the significant accident. In the first section of this three-part article, we discussed the independent federal agency that is tasked with analyzing the scene of catastrophic transportation accidents. In the second section, we educated you on the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) Office of Highway Safety department and their role in investigating unfortunate highway accidents. In this final section, we will focus on the NTSB’s ongoing investigation into the Florida International University (FIU) pedestrian bridge that collapsed on March 15, 2018.

If you are a construction industry professional, it’s important that you understand both state and federal procedures that are related to the construction industry. The NTSB undergoes this process and analyzes a devastating situation to ensure that it will not transpire again. Remember, if you have any questions related to construction law or are in need of the services of a Florida construction lawyer, our law firm is here to assist you.

Disaster Strikes in Miami

When bridges fail to provide the right measures of safety or the defective design puts lives in peril, the NTSB is called into action. Recently at the campus of FIU, their new and innovative pedestrian bridge collapsed killing six civilians in the process. The NTSB was immediately called to the scene to analyze everything from the construction design to the building process to the aftermath.

The NTSB’s Investigative Tasks

Some of the tasks that the NTSB is currently performing include the following:

  1. The NTSB is inspecting the blueprints and drawings of the bridge’s design and reviewing to see if these geometric designs are in exact proportion to the mathematical measurements of the bridge.
  2. Because the NTSB has confirmed that the bridge collapsed when cables were being tightened to increase tension to strengthen the concrete used to support the bridge, the NTSB will be reviewing if a sufficient amount of concrete was included in the design to properly hold the cables in place.
  3. The NTSB will be reviewing the innovative construction process used to build the bridge known as accelerated construction.
  4. The NTSB pinpointed certain sections of the bridge to test the material to see if it met both the standards set forth by the design concept and certain safety protocols as well.
  5. The NTSB investigators are coordinating interviews with several of the construction industry professionals that worked on the design of the bridge and its erection. This list of parties includes everybody from engineers in the design phase to the workers that were on-site during the building process.

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