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Tips for Conducting a Safety Audit at Your Construction Site Part 1

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Due to the dangerous nature of the construction industry, the safety of workers must be actively pursued. This is done daily through the use of personal protective equipment, signage, and continuous training. However, even the most safety-focussed job sites can become complacent. The problem is complacency when it comes to safety measures can turn deadly. That’s why safety audits are so important. A safety audit is a review of a job site’s safety program, the site itself, and all the actions that are taken to prevent injury. However, a safety audits itself cannot prevent injury. Safety audits are meant to identify hazards and gaps in safety procedures that can lead to incidents and non-compliance.

In this two-part series, we will provide a few basic tips to help you conduct a safety audit.

Schedule Safety Audits Periodically

It’s natural to think that a safety audit should be an annual or semi-annual occurrence. No bigger mistake can be made. All job sites continually evolve and hazards can pop up when you least expect it. Safety audits should be scheduled periodically. That way, you are never scrambling to make a long list of changes and you have a better chance of preventing an accident.

Use OSHA Standards for Your Audit

While safety is your primary focus, you can’t lose focus on compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Let there rules and points of emphasis guide what you look for in an audit. If you need help creating a safety audit from an OSHA standpoint, contact a Jacksonville construction lawyer from Cotney Construction Law. They are well-versed in OSHA policy and will be able to guide you in this area.

Review Your Current Safety Program

Your audit should start with a look at what you are currently doing from a safety standpoint. Does it adequately protect your workers? Are workers following it? Is there a clear focus on training? Has new hazards popped up that aren’t currently being covered. Contact a Jacksonville contractor lawyer, if you need assistance. A look back will be instrumental to ensuring your audit is effective.

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