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Tips for Conducting a Safety Audit at Your Construction Site Part 2

A primary concern for all construction professionals is maintaining a safe environment for workers. It’s a task that requires continuous effort. The construction site is an evolving and dangerous place. While procedures, training, and equipment can be put in place, these items have to be monitored consistency to ensure effectiveness and compliance.

The primary tool for accomplishing this is the safety audit. The safety audit is a review of all aspects of a safety program, along with a review of the workers’ knowledge about safety issues, the work environment, and the condition of equipment. A safety audit can help you spot hazards and reduce or eliminate them. It’s so important from a safety and compliance standpoint that it would be helpful to seek advice from a Jacksonville construction attorney when creating a safety audit.

Below are a few tips for creating a safety audit for your construction site. For more tips, visit part one of this series:

Determine the Scope of the Audit

There may be specific areas of your site or specific tasks you want to focus on. That’s why it’s important to know the scope of the audit beforehand. One critical aspect of determining the scope is reviewing previous incident reports. They may show a trend in terms of activities that lead to injury or locations on the job site where injuries are occurring. Subsequently, that can be a focus of your audit.

Use a Checklist

A safety audit is a detailed, yet important process. One of the best ways to organize the information is through a checklist. Determine what items need to be reviewed and put it together in list form. Three areas that are important to consider are, environmental conditions, including noise and air pollution, equipment conditions, and employees’ knowledge of safe ways to perform their tasks.

Break Your Walkthrough into Zones

Whether your job site is large or small, this is an important way to make this part of your safety audit more efficient. By breaking down the walk through into zones, you can provide a greater focus on finding hazards in a particular area. In this way, the job of doing a safety audit is less overwhelming.

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