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Tips for Highway Work Zone Safety Part 2

The construction industry is rewarding and critical to the growth of our nation, but many dangers are associated with this career path.

Highway construction zones are particularly dangerous, so it is of utmost importance to make sure safety measures are established and followed. This four-part article began with safety planning and communication tips in Part 1. Today in Part 2, our Brandon construction attorneys will discuss visibility and nighttime work. You can also proceed to the additional tips in Part 3 and Part 4.

Make Yourself Visible

Visibility is about more than just lighting and reflective, high visibility (hi vis) clothing. One key aspect of visibility is communication.

Workers should not assume that a driver can see them. Drivers and workers should be encouraged to make eye contact with one another before anyone moves a vehicle or piece of equipment. They should familiarize themselves with a vehicle’s blind spot and avoid that area at all times. When a piece of equipment is parked, workers who need to be in the area should stay in front of the vehicle or on the operator’s side to make sure they are fully visible.

Instill an overall sense of situational awareness in your employees. It’s important to stay vigilant and keep the overall picture in mind. Employees should take into account the swing radius of heavy equipment. They should face traffic whenever possible and enlist a spotter when their back is turned. Spotters can monitor the movement of construction equipment and also keep workers aware of external traffic. This can help prevent accidents that may result in the need for a Brandon construction attorney.

Be Extra Wary at Night

Working at night involves an extra set of dangers. Not only does visibility go down when the sun does, but sometimes the glare from bright lights can actually make matters worse. In addition to these factors, drivers also tend to be more tired, which decreases their attentiveness.

Make sure your construction zone lighting is optimized for the best possible visibility. At night, it is even more critical to stick to the areas that have been designated as safe in your safety plan.

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