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Tips for Implementing New Technology in Construction Part 2

Although new technologies are increasingly being introduced into the construction field, many construction companies may not be taking full advantage. If construction professionals want to drive performance, increase productivity, and decrease risks, it’s imperative they find a way to implement new technology to ensure they can effectively compete with their competition. If you haven’t already, read part one for more implementation tips.

Engage Your Team

The construction industry is known to be complex and slow when it comes to adopting new technology. When leaders lack an urgency to bring about transformative change to their business, this can trickle down to their employees’ receptivity of technology. Engaging the team across the board is the key to getting everyone excited about the adoption. It’s also important to study the users of the technology (manager, contractors, etc) to see how they interact with the system and how it can improve the way they work as well as their areas of difficulty.

Train Your Team

Training is essential to the success of new technology. Training should be continuous and mandatory. Ongoing training will help you keep up with needed updates and readjustments. Users need to understand why training is important and the impacts it will have on their work. If necessary, lean on the technology vendor to facilitate training as well. You may select the technology based on its capabilities but without understanding things such best practices for using the product or having an expert readily available to address concerns can lead to user error and an unsuccessful implementation.

Identify Key People

At times, new technology implementation should be done on a smaller scale. In order to reduce business disruption, select a project team and test out the new technology to get an idea of the benefits, the potential problems, and the solution to hiccups. Once you identify this team, select a dedicated employee to own the implementation process. This employee must be the advocate for the new technology, the main point of contact for the vendor, and one who can successfully engage with the project team and report results to key executives.

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