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Tips for Managing Construction Defect Risks Part 4

As Miami contractor attorneys, we can say unequivocally that construction defects are frustrating and costly. Even the best contractors run into discrepancies during some of their operations. Customer dissatisfaction is par for the course. It’s important to seek legal counsel for guidance with both residential and commercial property matters that relate to construction defects.

This last section will conclude our series; however, be sure to visit part one, part two, and part three to learn more about construction defects.

Understand Products and Materials

Materials used in a construction project typically undergo an extensive engineering, testing, and review process. It is critical that manufacturer guidelines are followed properly to ensure optimum product performance. Use products that meet industry and government safety standards, understand product warranties and product capabilities.

Meticulous Subcontractor Selection

Poor workmanship is the culprit for many project defects. As we mentioned before, contractors can be held liable for the poor quality work done by a subcontractor. So, choose your subcontractors wisely. The people hired to perform the work on the project are significant as they will have a profound effect on the success of the project’s performance. Prequalify subcontractors to ensure they have the right credentials, the expertise, and experience.

Transfer the Risk

Managing risks is vital. Ensure that you are maintaining an adequate balance of risks and obligations, and rely on legal counsel to protect yourself. The contract is your first line of defense. Read our previous article to learn about the types of agreements that can be used to transfer risks.

Accurate Project Documentation

Strong project documentation is key to fighting defect claims. Project documentation that is not specific, accurate, and consistently updated can cost you a fair settlement. Strong documentation can prove that you actually built to code or that you sufficiently corrected an issue.

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