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Tips for Managing Multiple Generations on the Construction Site Part 1

Few workplaces are as diverse as the construction site. Men and women of a variety of cultures come together to build a structure. The represent different socioeconomic backgrounds, skills, and levels of expertise. There is another level of diversity that is emerging on jobsites. Baby boomers (49 to 67 years old) are starting to retire from the construction industry and are giving way to a new generation of millennials (18-32 years old). Generation X and Yers also make up a large portion of the employee population.

These groups all come with their own employment expectations and approaches to life and work. Managing them all can be a challenge, especially because the attitudes of some age groups conflict with the attitudes of others. For example, millennials tend to think that baby boomers are out of touch and inflexible. Most of the other groups find millennials to be entitled and lacking mental toughness.

However, managing employees from multiple generations is a reality that all managers will face, regardless of industry. That’s why we’ve created this two-part series with tips for managing a multi-generational workforce. For more tips, skip ahead to part two of this series.

Figure Out What Motivates Each Group

Baby boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Yers, and millennials all have unique motivations, but they are all attainable with a little flexibility and creativity. While they are all motivated by money, go deeper than that. Millennials have a high expectations of their employment and require consistent direction. Give them assignments that provide unique experiences and allows them to be innovative. They are tech-savvy by nature so make sure technology is at the forefront of most of their tasks. Boomers and Gen Xers enjoy recognition. Recognize their importance and their experience in the industry. Also, make sure that Gen X and Yers have a voice in how projects are ran.

Focus on Mentorship and Training

An experienced Boca Raton construction attorney has seen many construction sites and will tell you that a myriad of problems can be solved by simply focussing on training. Millennials, in particular, receive training and feedback well. Set up mentorship programs where millennials can learn from more senior staff members. Also, have that same staff learn about new technology from the younger generation. Additionally, managers should be trained to balanced the needs of each generation group.

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