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Tips for Roadside Construction Safety Part 4

If your construction workplace is located either on a highway or street, you are likely already aware of several of the immediate dangers that are present. However, many roadside construction areas still experience accidents that result in injuries or even death because several pressing issues present at the jobsite were overlooked. If you have received a citation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), please contact one of our OSHA defense attorneys today.

In this four-part article, we first discussed troubling statistics in regards to roadside construction accidents. In the second section, we provided a few tips for ensuring equipment and vehicles are safe at your workplace. In the third section, we discussed safety training and anticipating potential risks at the jobsite. In this section, we will discuss some major hazards present at roadside construction zones and how to combat them.

Common Hazards

There are many potential hazards located at the roadside workplace. Here are some issues that lead to accidents at roadside construction zones.

Compressed Work Areas: It can be a balancing act to have a productive crew on a roadside jobsite as well as enough space for workers to safely perform their job tasks. It’s extremely important to have a well-orchestrated system of communication established onsite, so that all workers are aware of when equipment and vehicles are being transferred on, around, and off the premises.

Inclement Weather: Whether the fog may affect motorists from seeing the construction zone or potential lightning storms could harm those workers near exposed steel structures, there are many inherent dangers present when it comes to the natural elements. With phone applications at our fingertips, contractors need to anticipate any potential weather threats on the horizon and be a step ahead of the game.

Reduced Visibility: Since most construction zones are underway in the late evening to early morning hours when fewer motorists frequent the road, flaggers located in the right area and well-lit signage and barriers are critical to protecting your crew members. These practices will also assist your workplace during times of heavy traffic as well.

Legal Assistance

If you are interested in learning more about workplace safety, our law firm is extremely well versed in the OSHA inspection and citation process. Our OSHA defense lawyers are dedicated to improving workplace safety in the construction industry and are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to speak with one of our OSHA defense attorneys, please contact us today.

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