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Tips & Tools for Better Project Communication Part 1

We all know how critical accurate communications are in business, especially in the construction industry where the sheer volume of people involved require it. However, communications on the jobsite can feel like the old telephone game. Messages get misconstrued and work doesn’t get done. This leads to delays, frustration, and money lost.

That’s why maintaining a focus on proper communication is critical and it needs to be considered everyday on every project. We all know that construction projects continually evolve. What was not issue one day can become a crisis the next. All parties involved in a project need to have a clear understanding of all aspects of the work that’s being done. Sounds overwhelming? It can be, luckily there’s help.

The Jacksonville construction lawyers at Cotney Construction Law have worked with countless construction companies and contractors. The most successful ones utilized the tools and tips that we have listed in this series to maintain proper communication.

Set Guidelines for Communication

Much of the items that need to be communicated across project teams are critical and needs to be captured so that it can be referenced. To accomplish this, a system needs to be put in place that establishes how certain items are communicated and who they go to. Establish which items need to be communicated via email versus what can be discussed in a chat or in a meeting. Also, establish what items all parties need to know about versus items that are pertinent to a smaller subset of the company.

Use Technology

One of the primary ways that technology can advance the construction industry is in the area of communications. Project management software can keep everyone abreast of milestones. Collaboration tools facilitate decision-making among onsite and offsite personnel. Adding photos and videos to daily reports make them more powerful and descriptive tools. There’s a number of ways that technology aids communication, the key is finding what works for your team.

Know Your Audience

One of the keys to communication is understanding the best way to reach your audience. This includes knowing what tools they interact most freely with and understanding the terminology that they use most.

For more tips and tools, visit part two of this series.

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