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Tips & Tools for Better Project Communication Part 2

As with so many things in life and business, communications on the construction site can always improve. Even if you are adept at conveying your message to others, there are always new tools and skills to pick up. This is especially important in the construction industry where there are a large number of people involved in a variety activities and the stakes are high. Breakdowns in communication are costly, not only from a financial standpoint but from a compliance standpoint as well. As matter of fact, breakdowns in communication can lead to issues with OSHA that may require the help of a Jacksonville construction lawyer to resolve.

In this two part series, we provide tips and tools that will help you improve project communication. These tips can help you regardless of your position or ability to communicate because we can all grow and improve.

The Stand-up Meeting

At the start of the day, meet with your crew to go over that day’s goals and any issues that need to be addressed. There are so many tasks that encompass work on a construction site. It’s easy to isolate yourself from other parts of a project even though you are all working towards one goal. A morning stand-up meeting provides an opportunity for your team to connect, determine what lies ahead and eliminate issues before they emerge.

Collaboration Software

Collaboration is a major part of achieving success in construction. Now it’s easier than ever with collaboration tools that make it easy to share pertinent information quickly and efficiently. The key is to find a software solution with a low learning curve that has features to cover your most pressing communications needs. Most software packages have a ton of features and can integrate with other software packages. Ideally, you want one that has a strength in an area you need most, whether it’s a chat feature, the ability to quickly share photos or the ability to collaborate on documents.

Daily Reports

A mainstay of the construction industry, daily reports are still one of the most important methods for communicating what’s happening on the construction site to the appropriate parties. Daily reports can be enhanced with the addition of photos and videos or sent digitally. Daily reports are also a critical record in the event that you need to work with a Jacksonville construction litigation attorney to resolve a claim.

For more tips and tools, visit part one of this series.

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