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Understanding Accelerated Bridge Construction Technology Part 4

As Nashville contractor lawyers, we are always educating ourselves on the newest technologies and construction methods being implemented into projects to assist us with understanding every aspect of our client’s experience in designing, constructing, and completing a project. As we will discuss in the fifth section of this series, accelerated bridge construction (ABC) technology is one topic that is in the national news right now because of the failed construction process that transpired in Miami. However, if implemented correctly, the technology could one day be critical in redeveloping our national infrastructure problems.

As we discussed in the last section, there are many benefits to the ABC technology process including providing workers and motorists with a safer construction environment. As we will discuss in this section, the process also can create the best quality materials and most efficient building process as well. For more information on the ABC process, please read sections one and two.

Improved Quality Materials

Prefabrication has many advantages over conventional construction methods. As defined by, prefabrication is “the assembly of buildings or their components at a location other than the building site.” This process or remote assembly has many benefits. First, it’s climate-controlled meaning the workers can perform their tasks away from harsh elements that may impact the overall output of their work. Second, the materials utilized, like concrete, for example, will also not be affected by any elements meaning that they will be installed at their highest quality and will be durable. Lastly, performing work in this controlled environment can be beneficial for managing construction costs and providing the workers with a safe work environment.

Efficient Assembly Tactics

The majority of transportation construction zones have many restrictive elements at play. The installation of prefabricated sections can greatly reduce many of the most challenging aspects of erecting a bridge. In an area with heavy traffic, this building process is ideal as it can allow the construction team to quickly implement the prefabricated structure into place completing the project in a matter of days all while working within limited available space.

Whether it’s easier building techniques, increased durability, fewer workers and equipment needed on-site, or less total time working on the project, ABC technology can greatly impact the construction industry if properly applied.

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