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Understanding Trade Secrets in Construction Part 5

In this five-part article, we have covered several of the most important aspects of trade secrets as they pertain to the construction industry. In the first section, we provided you with the definition of trade secrets in a legal context. In the second section, we discussed some of the main factors needed to satisfy a claim for the misappropriation of a trade secret. In the third section, we educated you on some tips for preventing a trade secret from being disclosed with a strong contract. In the fourth section, we discussed remedies if a trade secret has been exposed. In this section, we will conclude our series. If you are in need of legal representation, contact a Brandon construction lawyer today.

Everything Isn’t a Trade Secret

As construction industry professionals, it is important to remember that everything isn’t a trade secret just because it is considered one by the owner of the information. As we have covered, there are certain standards that must be met to legally qualify as a trade secret. There are also certain requirements needed in your contract to support your ownership of a trade secret. Obtaining a signed acknowledgement from the receiving party that establishes that you possess a trade secret and that it is, in fact, confidential, is always an ideal and tangible way to ensure this requirement is met. When dealing with trade secrets and confidentiality agreements, it’s best to be as absolute and unequivocal as possible.

Seek Legal Counsel That Will Protect You

Because of the often private nature of trade secret laws, unfortunately, a trade secret is only as good as its protection. You can have one of the most impressive innovations man has ever seen; however, if it’s not properly safeguarded, it could be disclosed to another party with little to no penalty. If you are a construction industry professional and you possess a valuable trade secret that is greatly beneficial to your business, you want to have an experienced Brandon construction attorney on your side. We can help protect this intellectual property by reviewing and drafting a contract that ensures your information will be protected. We are well versed in trade secret law and have valuable experience in cases that encompass trade secret violations as well. We are here to help preserve your intellectual property.

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