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Wage Dispute Attorney in Tampa

Many employers take advantage of their employees in the form of non-payment or withholding wages from their employee. If a worker is aware that their employer owes them additional compensation, this can place the worker in a difficult position as they do not want to potentially lose their job over challenging their employer. If your employer has abused your wage and hour rights, please speak with a wage dispute attorney in Tampa.

Federal and State Enforced Labor Laws

It’s important to understand that wage and hour laws are enforced by both state and federal entities. The federally enforced Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the foundation for wage and hour laws. Under FLSA, the national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. However, under Florida law, the minimum wage is $8.25 per hour. FLSA also establishes that non-exempt workers should be compensated time-and-a-half for any additional hours worked over 40 in a single week.

Retaliation for Filing a Complaint

Many employers fail to obey these federal and state wage and hour requirements. Moreover, many employers retaliate against employees that either speak up about how they were improperly compensated or file a wage and hour complaint against their employer. If an employer has retaliated against you by either reducing your scheduled hours, demoting your position, providing you with negative performance reviews, withholding payment, or generally mistreating you for your complaint, it’s important to understand that an adverse action taken by your employer is illegal and may be considered an act of discrimination. If you have been retaliated against because of a wage and hour dispute, please contact one of our wage dispute lawyers in Tampa.

Wage Dispute Attorneys in Tampa

Wage and hour law is a complex form of employment law that spans across many federal and state-enforced laws. This type of law encompasses a great deal of relevant material that may be critical to your potential case. This is why you need an experienced wage dispute lawyer in Tampa that understands all of the relevant information pertaining to your case. In Florida, the statute of limitations for overtime claims and wage disputes is within two years of the violation and three years if it was a deliberate violation. If you have notified your employer that you have failed to receive the minimum wage, it is your employer’s responsibility to resolve this claim within 15 days or you are entitled to pursue civil action.

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