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Ways to Reduce Construction Costs Part 2

Statistics support that nine out of ten construction projects go over budget. Unfortunately, wasteful spending and inefficient management are common occurrences in the construction industry. As Florida construction attorneys, we want to help our contractors stay under budget and finish projects efficiently and effectively. In this four-part article, we first discussed methods contractors can utilize to save money before the groundbreaking of a project. In the second section, we will discuss how to schedule and monitor a workforce more effectively. In the third and fourth sections, we will discuss other tactics to remain under budget.

The Art of Scheduling

Effectively coordinating a work crew is sometimes easier said than done. Contractors never want to be in the position where too few or too many laborers are present at any time. It’s never a good thing for the budget when you have idle crew members at the workplace. On the other hand, you do not want overwhelmed workers either. Proper scheduling implementation can save you costly labor wages on the backend of a project. Analyzing the crew, their productivity, potential delays or pitfalls with the nature of the project, or even recent weather patterns and how they may impact your project will only ensure the contractor that the project’s plan of action has been properly implemented and any defects can be properly handled when they arise.

Eliminate Idleness With Preparation

Once the project is underway, it’s important to always anticipate the next step in the process. If a contractor fails to foresee the next task that is when the dreaded waiting process begins. Inactivity on a construction site can prove costly and can lead to a lethargic crew. Contractors need to properly plan out tasks so that the labor force is not waiting for instructions and ensure the right tools and equipment are being used for the right job. Utilizing radios and other technology to establish communication will eliminate any unnecessary motion in the workplace as well. Lastly, contractors need to always have a backup plan prepared when events fail to transpire as expected.

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