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What’s Trending in the Construction Industry in 2017 Part 2

In part one of our article, we introduced you to prefab construction, BIM, and laser scanning. In this second part, we’ll discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) and green building. While some trends are slow to catch on, our Nashville contractor lawyers believe these trends will contribute to the overall success of any construction business, including helping to mitigate the many risks associated with working in construction.

The IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) in simple terms is the concept of connecting devices to the Internet and each other. This could be anything from cell phones, wearable devices, and components of machines. With IoT, virtually anything can be connected; however, this comes with barriers such as security threats and understanding what connective technology to use. The IoT can be used for the following in construction:

Safety: In emergency situations, IoT gives construction professionals the ability to track other workers for evacuation.

Tracking Labor: Due to many moving parts on a job site, tracking worker hours can be a challenge. With IoT, the general contractor can have a more accurate idea of all labor hours.

Monitoring Activity: An IoT system can aid construction professionals in loss prevention, insurance, and security. Due to the high risk of vandalism or material loss, the system can send key personnel alerts to mitigate damages and other risks.

Keeping Track of Materials: Many shipments are delivered on the job site which increases the need for tracking. The IoT helps to reduce the amount of time it would take to locate these materials and will save the company time and money.

Green Building

Green building practices have become the norm in the construction industry, especially on the commercial side. Due to the demand for more eco-friendly structures, reducing energy and water usage are top priorities for the industry. The following are the growing trends of sustainable construction:

  • Renewable energy
  • Healthier buildings
  • Green & sustainable building materials
  • Stringent building certification programs

Other trends include recycling waste instead of emptying them in landfills; the use of rain harvesting, and blackwater and greywater treatment systems; and the use of green roofs, LED lightings, and low-emittance windows.

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