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Cotney Construction Law Launches Subscription Plan

Tampa, Florida, February 11, 2019 – Cotney Construction Law, a full-service national law firm for construction, specialty trades and OSHA law, is pleased to announce the new Cotney Construction Law Subscription Plans. This progressive law firm is changing how contractors can reduce risk and budget for their legal spend.

Cotney Construction Law works with all types and sizes of construction companies. Cotney currently represents
construction companies across the country. With an understanding of how construction businesses operate, Cotney
Construction Law is able to provide legal services with predictable billing to reduce risk and increase a company’s
bottom line.

Cotney Construction Law subscription services provide a subscription-based plan that is tailored to the client. It provides the client with a predictable monthly billing plan for non-litigation matters. Clients will no longer be surprised by the receipt of a legal bill that is significantly higher than expected. Instead, clients will have the flexibility to select a subscription level that best suits their needs at a set monthly rate.

Companies that enroll in a subscription-based plan are able to realize the benefit of retaining general counsel, without the fees typically associated with doing so. Through the subscription plan, clients will have access to attorneys to assist with a variety of legal issues. Additionally, clients will be able to utilize law firm subscription-based services to ensure their companies follow laws and regulations that impact their businesses. In turn, clients will be able to better manage their risks and retain more of their hard-earned profits.

“Whether you are a sole proprietor starting a new company or a multi-national contractor that is several generations
old, budgeting for legal spend is essential to the maintenance of a profitable construction business,” states Trent Cotney, CEO of Cotney Construction Law. “Every project consists of several moving parts that must be coordinated and balanced in order to complete the project and ultimately turn a profit. Cotney Construction Law helps their clients achieve this goal by managing risks in their contractual agreements, advising clients on good business practices and, when necessary, vigorously representing their clients in disputes.”

“Far too long the costs of legal services have presented a hurdle to businesses in need of legal assistance. However, times are changing, and by offering various subscription plan packages, our clients can not only budget for legal spend, but also take a proactive approach in protecting their businesses. We are proud to offer these types of services in the construction industry and we know that it will make a difference for all contractors.”

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