Here's How You Can Protect Your Business

Defamation Defense in Tampa

Whether true or false, unfavorable reviews from employees can have a devastating impact on employers. If a former or current employee is accusing you of defamation or you feel you are the victim of defamation, the attorneys of Cotney Construction Law are ready to provide defense against the onslaught of attacks against you.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is that act of injuring another party by making false statements to a 3rd party which result in the damage of a person’s reputation. Defamation can be spoken, also known as slander, or it can be in writing, also known as libel. Defamation of character statements can be made on online platforms, email correspondence, television, in employer-related documents, or through any other platforms or deliverables.

Proof of Defamation

If a person has made a false statement against you and it has damaged your reputation in any way, you can take legal action. In simple terms, you will need to prove the statement was false, that is was spoken to a 3rd party with the intent of casting an unfavorable view of you, and it resulted in some loss to you.

Why Hire an Attorney

Proving defamation is no simple task and takes the skill of a lawyer skilled in handling defamation cases. Our lawyers are an excellent resource to help you navigate through the process of defamation and will discuss options that may include evidence gathering, insisting the defamer cease and desist their behavior, or a civil lawsuit when necessary.

If you would like to speak with one of our defamation defense lawyers, please contact us at 813.579.3278, or submit our contact request form.