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Wrongful Termination Defense in Tampa

Employment in the state of Florida is “at will” for both the employer and the employee meaning the employer can terminate the employment at any time for any reason and the employee can choose to leave a job at any time. Nonetheless, when a termination is necessary, employers must be sure they are terminating legally.

What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

In the absence of a valid contract, terminating an employee based on discriminating factors such as race, age, gender, religion, or disability is prohibited. It is also illegal for an employer to terminate an employee in retaliation for filing a claim against the employer of any sort. There are exceptions to this law, this is why it is best to contact an attorney to get guidance on your specific situation.

Contact an Attorney

Cotney Construction Law is a trusted and recognized construction law firm with extensive experience representing business professionals involved in disputes regarding wrongful termination. Due to the discharged employee’s ability to seek recovery for damages against you, you need reliable legal experts on your side to protect yourself against an unjustified claim against you. With our help, you can disprove allegations of wrongful termination.

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