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Florida Roads Are Some of the Most Dangerous in the Nation for Construction Workers

Florida represents a substantial portion of construction in the nation, with its projects valued at just under $300 billion collectively. Much of that value is tied up in horizontal infrastructure projects — infrastructure that includes roads, bridges, and other vital projects. And while these projects can be incredibly lucrative for construction companies, they are not without their challenges. 

Below, a Miami construction attorney discusses just how dangerous Florida roads are for construction workers. The hazards outlined in this article are just some of the many issues that construction workers must face while working on highway and road construction projects. For an ally who will ensure that your work practices are compliant with regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), partner with the Miami construction attorneys from Cotney Construction Law. 

Road Rage

According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida is one of the most dangerous states for roadside construction workers, ranking second in the nation for fatal work zone crashes in 2016. FDOT data indicates that “workers were present in the work zone in 35% of the fatal crashes and 44% of crashes resulting in serious injuries.” 

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What’s contributing to these grim statistics? There will always be a level of danger when laborers work near traffic; speeding, inattentive, and impaired drivers are a hazard that is difficult to account for and prepare for. However, the largest cause may be Florida’s pleasant climate. Because Florida doesn’t experience harsh winters like many other states, construction workers are able to work more often in a year, thereby exposing themselves to more traffic hazards than the average American construction professional.

Taking Precautions

While there’s only so much you can do about reckless drivers, you can take precautions to protect your workers. Adopting a traffic control plan, separating workers from traffic, and using appropriate equipment are just some of the ways that you can put safety first, even when traffic is whizzing past at 70 mph. Of note, you must abide by all OSHA regulations regarding highway work zones

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Balancing your obligations to your projects, your workers, and OSHA is no easy feat, which is why we always recommend partnering with a Miami construction attorney before you take on your next infrastructure project. For a team of attorneys who will do everything in their power to protect your projects from dangerous traffic and costly OSHA violations, partner with the Miami construction attorneys from Cotney Construction Law. 

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