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Have You Been Notified of a Defect Claim? Consult a Columbia, SC, Construction Defect Attorney

No contractor wants to receive news of a defect on one of their construction projects. Yet construction defects are a reality in our industry that cannot be ignored. Whether you’ve been notified of a patent or latent defect, your best chances of defending against a claim are to act quickly and contact a Columbia, SC, construction defect attorney with Cotney Construction Law. Our attorneys can review the specifics of the claim to determine your responsibility, if any, and build an effective defense. Before you foot the bill for a defect your team wasn’t responsible for causing, reach out to our team at Cotney Construction Law. 

The Experience and Knowledge a Columbia, SC, Construction Defect Lawyer Brings to the Table 

In South Carolina, contractors have a number of rights under state law. Our attorneys defend against a claim by first referring to state law to determine if it is even valid. For instance, South Carolina law prevents claimants from filing a lawsuit against defendants after a certain amount of time after the defect has been discovered (generally three years) or after substantial completion of a project (eight years). 

There’s also the South Carolina Notice and Opportunity to Cure Construction Dwelling Defects Act to think about. The Act provides contractors on residential projects with the opportunity to remedy a construction defect before a dispute arises. Like the rest of the claims process, the remedy process involves strict deadlines and notice requirements that one of our attorneys can assist with. However, you won’t know what your best course of action will be until you consult a Columbia, SC, construction defect lawyer with our law office. It may be in your company’s best interest to repair the defect, settle the claim, or outright dispute the claim. Whatever it takes, our team will protect your company from construction defect claims. 

Defending Your Company Through the Entire Claim Process 

Even with laws in place like the South Carolina Notice and Opportunity to Cure Construction Dwelling Defects Act, contractors can be tripped up by the claim process. Strict notice requirements must be adhered to, notice requirements that require contractors, subcontractors, and material providers to be notified if they have been accused of a defect. There are strict deadlines that, if not followed, can result in a party being held liable for a defect. If your company is to defend itself against a baseless defect claim, it must be ready to comply with any and all applicable laws. That’s where we come in. 

At Cotney Construction Law, we’ve made it our mission to guide contractors through this complex process to ensure the best possible outcome. If you’ve received a notice of claim, notify an experienced attorney with our South Carolina construction law office. 

If you would like to speak with a Columbia, SC, construction defect attorney, please contact us today.

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