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Have You Received an Appointment Letter from the Department of Labor? Part 2

Construction firms nationwide are feeling the effects of labor law infractions. The Department of Labor (DOL) has ramped up its efforts to investigate workplaces that are in violation of federal employment laws. If the DOL discovers infractions, you will not only need to correct these issues, you will also need to pay costly fines or other penalties.

In this two-part article, our Nashville contractor attorneys first covered what an appointment letter from the DOL entails. In this part, we will discuss the next step after you receive an appointment letter from the DOL.

What Should You Do When You Receive a DOL Letter?

If you receive an appointment letter from the DOL, you need to be proactive. The first step is to contact a Nashville contractor attorney. Depending on your company’s recordkeeping system, you should also begin the process of gathering the necessary documents. An attorney can help you sort through these company records and strategically prepare your business for an investigation. If you receive a letter from the DOL, the last thing you want to do is to either ignore the request or delay your preparation efforts.

Producing Company Documents

Although a Nashville contractor attorney can assist you with compiling the required documents for a DOL investigation, if you elect to perform this task yourself, provide strictly the specified documents requested by the agency. If you have clearly outlined and prepared the exact documents requested, this is a sign of good faith and will also speed up the investigation process. It’s best to create an itemized list of what documents you need to provide and make several copies of each document.    

Partner with an Experienced Construction Attorney

A DOL investigation can be an extremely stressful process for construction business owners. When you partner with an experienced attorney, this knowledgeable professional can prepare the requested documents for an investigation and develop an overall strategy regarding the investigation. When the DOL arrives at your jobsite, your attorney can be present to provide you with the representation you require during their investigation.  

It’s critical that construction business owners take receiving an appointment letter seriously and act quickly to prepare for an investigation. If the DOL elects to impose penalties for noncompliance, these infractions will not only be costly, but the chances of another DOL inspection in the near future will also greatly increase.   

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