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How Construction Companies Can Improve Their Customer Service Part 1

Any successful construction company knows they must engage with and retain customers if they want to stay in business. After all, outstanding customer service may decide whether or not a client chooses you for their future building initiatives. In this two-part article, a South FL contractor lawyer at Cotney Construction Law will be discussing how construction companies can improve their customer service. For all of your construction-related legal needs, consult with one of our South FL contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law.

See the Customer, Not Just the Problem

When a client reaches out to you for help, it’s important that you don’t treat their issue like an inconvenience. Construction companies, especially those that outsource their customer service needs, often only see clients as a source of profits and headaches. When this happens, it’s nearly impossible to properly communicate, build a rapport, and address underlying issues.

Always remember that you are dealing with another human being. They have worries of their own and may seek legal representation when their worries aren’t properly addressed. An issue that seems trivial to you could seem monumental to them. So if a client comes to you with a problem, take a moment to listen to them. If you don’t, you may find yourself in need of a South FL contractor lawyer.

Don’t Forget Who Got You Here

No matter the industry, any business that wants to grow and thrive must attract new customers. But it’s important not to forget about your old clients or even your current clients when focused on attracting new business. You could bring in all sorts of new business and still fail if you can’t retain clientele. If you’re finding that older clients consistently turn to other contractors for their construction projects, you may have a problem.

Remain open to speaking with clients both old and new. In the unfortunate event that a construction defect emerges on a long-finished project, wouldn’t you rather hear about it directly from a client as opposed to their attorney? If communications have broken down and litigation is all that remains, consult with one of our South FL contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law.

For more information on improving your construction company’s customer service, read part two.

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