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How Construction Firms Can Protect Trade Secrets Part 4

Sadly, trade secrets are plucked from the rightful creator of the intellectual property all the time. In the construction industry, if confidential information is shared with a competitor, this can greatly impact the framework of a business. If your trade secrets have been compromised, you require the services of a Ft. Myers construction lawyer.

When you work with a construction law firm like Cotney Construction Law, that is committed to assisting construction companies with all of their legal needs, our Ft. Myers construction attorneys can assist you with protecting trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property well before costly litigation is needed. In this article, we will offer you some effective ways that a company can protect its most valuable private assets.

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Protecting Confidential Information

Whenever senior level employees (or any employees) within your construction firm are privy to confidential information, they need to be properly trained on keeping this information private. They also need to be reminded of their legal responsibilities associated with their contracts. This includes not sharing any high-level information with other employees who are not aware of this information. It’s best to never assume that everyone is aware of every agreement they signed and to make certain that they understand the legal ramifications if they breach their contract.

The Exit Interview

Always attend the exit interview of any employee that is leaving your construction firm. Moreover, remind them that the confidentiality agreement in their contract remains intact even after they move on from your company. It’s also important to stress that they can no longer access your company’s database or confidential information. After the end of their employment tenure, a Ft. Myers construction attorney can also produce a letter reminding them of their obligation. It’s important to reiterate that under no circumstances can former employees utilize your trade secrets for their profit or the profit of their new employer.


In cases where the employee resigned on bad terms or was terminated for misconduct, the employer may have heightened concerns in regard to the ex-employee potentially accessing confidential information. Although it’s always best practice to investigate every former employee’s company laptop, in these particular scenarios, a construction firm may want to hire a database expert to investigate the former employee’s computer to ensure that no information was transferred from the company’s database to another location.

As the construction industry is an extremely competitive business, construction firms should always consult with an experienced attorney for all of their legal needs to ensure their best interests are protected.

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