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How Much Can a Construction Company Save With a Subscription Plan?

Construction companies are always looking to save a little money. One way they can do that is by investing in a subscription plan for services that they regularly rely on: contract review, demand letters, employee manual review, etc. On their own, the hourly billing for these services can be costly, but with a subscription plan, you get access to these services and more for one low monthly fee. 

Below, we outline how your company can save money with a Cotney Construction Law subscription plan. Offered by our Orlando construction attorneys, these plans can provide your company with needed features while saving you thousands of dollars a month. 

Unlimited Contract Review 

A well-drafted construction contract is vital for ensuring that conflict on a project is not only resolved but prevented. Having a contract reviewed by an experienced attorney could cost you anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on its complexity. But with a subscription plan, you have access to unlimited contract reviews (non-dispute). 

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Unlimited Demand Letters

Although we also offer unlimited lien claims, our Orlando construction attorneys prefer to resolve payment disputes in a timely manner with a well-drafted demand letter. You’d be surprised how often a demand letter with a legal letterhead can resolve a dispute without the need for litigation. Normally, a single demand letter could cost you anything from $200 to $1,000. But with a Cotney Construction Law subscription plan, you can rest easy knowing that any delay in payment can be swiftly met with a demand letter. 

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Unlimited Phone Calls With CCL 

Depending on your area, attorneys can charge hourly rates of $100-$400. For construction companies looking to save money while being protected from legal threats, this can be discouraging. Contractors should never be afraid of contacting a reliable legal resource, which is why all of our subscription plans include unlimited phone calls with Cotney Construction Law and access to an attorney on-demand. No matter the legal situation, we want construction companies to know that they are never without recourse.

Saving Money in the Long Term 

The real value of a subscription plan is in its ability to resolve conflicts. Payment disputes, contract disputes, and employment disputes can cost companies millions if allowed to get out of hand. By partnering with an on-demand attorney, you can safeguard your company’s future by protecting it from disputes that cost $16.3 million on average. Compared to such a large figure, the cost of a subscription plan is negligible. For access to an Orlando construction attorney at an affordable monthly rate, consider investing in a subscription plan from Cotney Construction Law. 

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