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How to Save Money on Construction Projects Part 3

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In this six-part article series, we are discussing some of the best ways to incorporate cost-cutting strategies into your projects. In the first and second sections, we discussed several crucial ways you can save money in the preliminary stages of a project. This includes creating an ironclad contract, collaborating with the architect in the design stage, and utilizing the right groundbreaking technologies to manage a project.

In this section, we will focus on some ways to reduce construction costs through a productive workforce. Remember, for any of your construction legal needs, a Chattanooga contractor attorney is here to assist you.

Productivity at the Construction Site

The vast majority of construction projects go over budget. One area of concern for every contractor is the productivity of their workforce. As labor costs continue to rise, contractors need to be wary of their team’s output and always evaluate their labor activity compared to their competition. There are a variety of ways contractors can track their workforce performance including:

  • Analyze the Data: Research credible data from national, state, and local organizations related to performance on construction sites. For example, were similar projects performed in your area? What was the size of the project? What type of work was being performed on these projects?
  • Monitor Your Workplace: Evaluate specific tasks performed at your workplace. How many workers were needed to complete a task? How many hours did it take to complete? Did your team’s performance meet the expectations?
  • Pay Close Attention to Detail: Review performance metrics for your jobsite. You can analyze everything from the total progress to the daily progress to the performance of each worker. Were there any impediments to your productivity? This can include weather delays, on-site hazards, or scheduling the wrong number of workers.
  • Avoid Overtime: When employees work over 40 hours in a week, their hourly rate increases to a time-and-a-half. Productivity also typically plunges the longer workers are on the clock. To increase productivity, the contractor needs to always be aware of the number of hours that every employee has worked that week.

Creating a Positive Workplace

One of the major elements that impacts productivity is the workplace environment. Studies support that employees that have an enjoyable workplace are more productive. Adversely, disgruntled employees typically do not work as hard and often do not perform their work tasks to the best of their ability. From providing flexible scheduling options to paid time off to work events or free lunches, there are a variety of ways you can positively influence your work environment and create a more productive workplace.

For more information on cost saving strategies in construction, please read sections four, five, and six.

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