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Is Your Construction Business Covered? Part 1

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Contractors must always consider the risks a project presents. You can have the most well-orchestrated jobsite in the world, but your workplace is still susceptible to on-the-job mishaps or exposure to hazardous materials. Another issue is that general contractors have to consider the safety of every worker on the jobsite, including those that are not under their direct supervision. If a subcontractor’s worker is hurt on the job, a general contractor could be considered responsible, resulting in the need for a workers’ compensation defense attorney in Florida.

In this two-part article, the attorneys at Cotney Construction Law will discuss a few reasons why your construction firm needs workers’ compensation insurance in place to protect your business. In this part, we will focus on what exactly “workers’ comp” covers. Remember, if you are dealing with a potential lawsuit stemming from an injury on your jobsite, a workers’ compensation defense lawyer in Florida can assist you. 

Workers’ Compensation is Required for Construction Businesses

Seeking workers’ compensation coverage in Florida is more than just a good idea. With few exceptions, workers’ compensation is required in Florida. Whether it’s a catastrophic injury or wear and tear from the repetitive motions construction tasks require, accidents and injuries will occur, and contractors need to ensure they have the proper coverage in place to protect their business. Whether it’s covering medical expenses or litigation stemming from a jobsite injury, having the right policy in place can make all the difference to the bottom line of your business.      

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

How exactly can coverage offset financial issues for your business? By covering these costs:

  • Medical Coverage: When a worker goes down with an injury and needs to step away from the jobsite, their medical expenses need to be covered.
  • Salary: The worker’s wages need to be addressed when they are away from the jobsite. Workers’ comp ensures they are compensated until they return to work. 
  • Litigation: If an employee sues your business after allegedly experiencing an injury, you need a way to cover legal fees to protect your business.  

If you are interested in learning about how workers’ compensation defense lawyers in Florida can help you navigate through workers’ compensation laws, please read the second part of this article. 

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