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Law & Mortar is Cotney Construction Law’s podcast to discuss all things legal related to the roofing and construction industries. Stay up to date on the roofing industry by listening below!

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Law & Mortar Episode 8

John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss litigation in roofing and critical cases that set the standards for today, proper procedures for residential job site clean up, how to prepare for hurricane season as a Florida contractor, and insights from the Roofing Association of New Zealand Virtual Conference.

Law & Mortar Episode 7

John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss the history and common setbacks of modified roofing products, how to avoid potential issues with contracts and warranties, the importance of educating your customer, and problems arising from residential roofing contractors working on chimneys.

Law & Mortar Episode 6

John and Trent discuss the in and outs of the metal roofing industry, oil canning issues, disclaimers and liability in contracts, avoiding construction defects, liabilities with COVID-19, and the benefits of proper documentation.

Law & Mortar Episode 5

John and Trent discuss best practices for installation of roof coatings, the development of different types of coatings, and the benefits of warranties and how to use them to your advantage.

Law & Mortar Episode 4

John and Trent discuss lightning warning systems and protection, best tips for installing EPDM systems, and protecting yourself from COVID-19 liability.

Law & Mortar Episode 3

In this episode, John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss the best practices for residential deck inspection, how to properly tarp a roof and preparing for storms with disaster preparedness planning.

Law & Mortar Episode 2

In this episode, Trent Cotney & John Kenney cover best practices for installing TPO, fighting liquidated damages, and using analytics to help your business.

Law & Mortar Episode 1

On this episode of Law & Mortar, John Kenney & Trent Cotney discuss the Paycheck Protection Program, writing successful change orders and RFIs, and best practices for accounts receivable.