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Law & Mortar is Cotney Construction Law’s podcast to discuss all things legal related to the roofing and construction industries. Stay up to date on the roofing industry by listening below!

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Law & Mortar Episode 18

John and Trent discuss contractors mandating employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine from a legal and business perspective, the new stimulus package, the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program, and the importance of checking your finances in the new year.

Law & Mortar Episode 17

John and Trent discuss year end procedures contractors should be implementing, increased subcontractor labor trends in the industry, and their recent work in South Africa that is helping bring greens roofs to the industry.

Law & Mortar Episode 16

John and Trent discuss the newly released COVID-19 vaccine and potential legal issues around mandating it, material shortage issues, and the anticipated decrease in production levels in Q1. John also discusses his new book that outlines everything you need to know when running a construction business.

Law & Mortar Episode 15

John and Trent discuss PPP loans and how to navigate the taxes associated with those, the importance of safety to avoid injuries in the cold weather, and current trends with COVID-19 across the country and what contractors should expect to see in the upcoming months.

Law & Mortar Episode 14

John and Trent discuss static electricity roof fires and necessary training that can help keep your workers safe and international mergers and acquisitions being on an uptick, particularly in Ecuador. John also introduced Cotney Analytics, coming in 2021, which can benefit your business’s campaigns and increase your leads.

Law & Mortar Episode 13

John and Trent discuss the potential increase in P3s (private partnerships) and what that means for infrastructure and vertical construction projects. They also review safety measures and training during these cold-weather months and what to expect in the industry with the recent spikes in COVID-19 cases.

Law & Mortar Episode 12

John and Trent review some highlights from their recent election recap webinar and discuss new bills that have been passed by various states, such as the legalization of marijuana and increased minimum wage, and how those bills can affect contractors. They also discuss items to review by the end of the year in preparation for 2021.

Law & Mortar Episode 11

John and Trent discuss how the recent election is expected to affect the construction industry. They also discuss how the increased legality of drugs, particularly in Oregon, might challenge the construction industry workforce and the overall safety of workers and how the recent wave of COVID-19 outbreaks continues to affect the European construction industry.

Law & Mortar Episode 10

John and Trent discuss how a downward trend in the current market, with the pandemic in full force and the election looming, could affect the construction industry. They also talk about the use of solar panels and renewable energy within the private roofing sector, and the legal issues that could arise with increased solar installation. Additionally, they touch on new technology for roofers that is leading to zero carbon footprint.

Law & Mortar Episode 9

John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss green roofing, specifically its growing popularity in the North U.S., Europe, and Canada and when it is appropriate to use a green roof, new guidance from the Department of Labor regarding classifications of employees vs. independent contractors, and the legal issues of a subcontractor vs. prime roofing contractor.

Law & Mortar Episode 8

John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss litigation in roofing and critical cases that set the standards for today, proper procedures for residential job site clean up, how to prepare for hurricane season as a Florida contractor, and insights from the Roofing Association of New Zealand Virtual Conference.

Law & Mortar Episode 7

John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss the history and common setbacks of modified roofing products, how to avoid potential issues with contracts and warranties, the importance of educating your customer, and problems arising from residential roofing contractors working on chimneys.

Law & Mortar Episode 6

John and Trent discuss the in and outs of the metal roofing industry, oil canning issues, disclaimers and liability in contracts, avoiding construction defects, liabilities with COVID-19, and the benefits of proper documentation.

Law & Mortar Episode 5

John and Trent discuss best practices for installation of roof coatings, the development of different types of coatings, and the benefits of warranties and how to use them to your advantage.

Law & Mortar Episode 4

John and Trent discuss lightning warning systems and protection, best tips for installing EPDM systems, and protecting yourself from COVID-19 liability.

Law & Mortar Episode 3

In this episode, John Kenney and Trent Cotney discuss the best practices for residential deck inspection, how to properly tarp a roof and preparing for storms with disaster preparedness planning.

Law & Mortar Episode 2

In this episode, Trent Cotney & John Kenney cover best practices for installing TPO, fighting liquidated damages, and using analytics to help your business.

Law & Mortar Episode 1

On this episode of Law & Mortar, John Kenney & Trent Cotney discuss the Paycheck Protection Program, writing successful change orders and RFIs, and best practices for accounts receivable.