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NRCA issues Action Alert

Members of the House of Representatives currently are working on several targeted immigration reform bills that will be considered this fall. House committees already have approved bills to beef up border security, improve workplace verification programs and update temporary visa programs for high-tech and agricultural workers.

NRCA supports establishing a temporary visa program that protects U.S. workers, is governed by market forces and enables employers to legally obtain the workers needed to grow their businesses. NRCA members prefer to hire U.S. workers, but experience demonstrates this is not always possible. The difficulty of finding sufficient workers to fill job openings continues to be a serious problem for the roofing industry despite vigorous efforts to recruit U.S. workers.

NRCA supports legislation to create a new temporary visa program for lesser-skilled sectors of the economy, which will be introduced soon by Reps. Ted Poe (R-Texas) and Raul Labrador (R-Idaho).

NRCA has posted an Action Alert urging members to contact their representatives during August in support of legislation that ends illegal immigration and meets the roofing industry’s work force needs. To view the Action Alert, click here.

(From NRCA)