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How Can a Subscription Plan Help Contractors Obtain Owed Payments?

Long before the ongoing pandemic, contractors had to deal with razor-thin profit margins and unjustly withheld payments. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in countless construction projects being delayed across the country, it’s as important as ever that contractors do everything in their power to retrieve payment for work and materials provided. 

Below, we discuss how lawyer subscription services can help contractors that are dealing with an owner who is unwilling or unable to pay them. Whether you’re an un-and-coming contractor or the head of a construction firm, you stand to benefit from affordable, on-demand legal services. Here’s why. 

Does It Really Take Money to Make Money? 

Too often, contractors spend an exorbitant amount of money on attorney’s fees in pursuit of payment. Whether done out of frustration or for the principle of the matter, burning money on hourly fees is not going to help your cause. Don’t get us wrong, the demand letter and mechanic’s lien services we provide are incredibly effective for resolving payment disputes. However, we feel that these attorney subscription services should be available to contractors for an affordable monthly price. 

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Unlimited Demand Letters

A demand letter should be your first line of defense against unanswered payment requests. Fortunately, each and every one of our subscription service tiers offer unlimited demand letters. Anytime an owner slips behind on payments, you can rest easy knowing that you can respond with a persuasive demand letter. For $599 per month, you can gain access to unlimited demand letters and a number of attorney subscription services

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Unlimited Mechanic’s Liens 

In the unlikely event that a demand letter doesn’t yield results, your next step is to file a mechanic’s lien. The problem is that this process is incredibly complicated, with rules that vary from state to state. Because complying with deadlines and notice requirements often requires the assistance of an attorney, contractors can end up spending more than they intended on hourly billing. Instead of throwing money away every time an owner refuses to pay, invest in our lawyer subscription services. For $1199 per month, you can gain access to unlimited lien claims as well as a number of other invaluable features. Rest easy knowing that one of the most important aspects of running a business can be safeguarded with a quick phone call to your on-demand attorney. 

If you would like to learn more about our attorney subscription services, please contact our construction law firm today.

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