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How Legal Subscription Services Improve Your Operations and Cover All Your Legal Needs

As if the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) wasn’t enough, construction companies must contend with all the business and legal concerns that commonly plagued the industry prior to the outbreak. These concerns can even be exacerbated by situations like these. Although it may be the least of your concerns at the moment, operational effectiveness is critical for determining whether or not your company will emerge from the pandemic ready to succeed.

At Cotney Construction Law, we understand that your firm may not have the resources or the time to focus on operational effectiveness, regardless of how vital it may be for your business. That’s why we’ve designed several subscription plans that provide construction companies of all sizes with invaluable services for one low monthly price. With a legal subscription plan, your business can run smoothly even during uncertain times like these. Here’s how.

Keeping Your Business Running Smooth With Our Legal Subscription Services

Too often, contractors forgo legal resources that could protect not only their companies but their employees. Starting with our $599 per month Bronze plan, you can gain access to an on-demand attorney and unlimited phone calls with our law firm. And starting with an $1199 per month Silver subscription plan, you gain access to unlimited manual reviews and updates. These services ensure that your company is prepared even as the legal landscape continues to shift. Furthermore, a comprehensive employee manual will properly inform your employees of their rights and responsibilities — further protecting your company from liability.

Additional legal subscription services are unlocked as we move up our plan tiers. Starting with our $3,299 per month Gold plan, our law firm will perform an annual I-9 audit on your workforce, ensuring that your employment practices are above board. Our Gold plan also comes with unlimited collections — just one less thing for your company to worry about.

We’re Always Here to Provide Legal Advice

Together the above services help to safeguard your company during this difficult time, thus improving its chances of thriving once the pandemic ends. However, our law firm can assist with improving your operations far beyond what we’ve described above. As mentioned, each and every legal subscription plan is ingrained with access to an on-demand attorney and unlimited phone calls with our law firm. At any time and for any reason, you or your personnel can contact an experienced attorney for legal assistance. Whether it’s related to employment law, safety regulations, payment issues, or anything related to operations, we’ll be there to assist you.

At Cotney Construction Law, we’re proud to represent some of the most hardworking and resilient contractors in the industry. It’s our goal to provide assistance within the construction industry wherever and whenever it’s needed. For an experienced attorney who will help your company come out of this stronger than ever, partner with the team at Cotney Construction Law.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.

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