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Which of Our Lawyer Subscription Plans is Right for Your Business?

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or an established construction company, you stand to benefit from affordable legal services that can be tailored to fit your needs. But affordable legal services can be hard to come by in this industry, and companies of all sizes can end up spending exorbitant prices for commonly used services, such as demand letter drafting, contract review, and lien filing. Do legal services need to be so costly? We don’t think so.

At Cotney Construction Law, we’ve put together a series of subscription plans that are sure to benefit your company no matter its size. At this time, companies big and small need all the help they can get to remain profitable and protected. If you’re the owner of a construction company in need of affordable legal services, consider one of our lawyer subscription plans.

Attorney Subscription Plans for Small Businesses

We’ve included some of our most sought after services in our Bronze plan to ensure that businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, are given the legal protection they need to grow. For $599 a month, you can have access to an attorney on-demand, unlimited phone calls with our law firm, unlimited contract review, unlimited demand letters, and our client portal. As our team can tell you, a poorly drafted contract is among the most common causes of construction disputes. Whether you’re established or just getting started in the industry, unlimited contract review and access to an on-demand attorney will prove invaluable for avoiding pitfalls that have claimed so many other businesses.

For Mid-Sized Construction Companies

As we move through our attorney subscription plans, the services provided become increasingly valuable. Mid-sized construction companies may benefit most from our Silver and Gold plans, which both include services designed to assist with employee manual review and drafting. For $3,299 a month, our Gold plan also includes an annual I-9 audit. Together with employee manual services, this will be vital once you have a large enough workforce underneath you.

For Large Construction Firms

For large construction firms, we have our $5,999 a month Platinum plan, which includes everything previously mentioned as well as unlimited OSHA defense up to citation contest and $2,000 a month for anything that happens to be off-plan. With this plan, your company will be protected from threats both internal and external.

But if that’s not enough, we also offer our $10,000 a month Titanium plan. For companies with adjusted gross revenue of $40 million or less, this plan includes unlimited everything, ensuring your company is ready for anything. And if your company has an adjusted gross revenue over $40 million, please call to discuss your options. Our law firm is equipped to assist with any and all of your construction-related legal needs.

If you would like to learn more about our lawyer subscription plans, please contact us today.

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