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Why Investing in Prepaid Lawyer Fees Is Crucial During Times of Uncertainty

Although forecasting models predict that the peak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may come as soon as April 12, we can still expect many long weeks of uncertainty. For those in the construction industry, relief can’t come soon enough. Contractors of all sizes are struggling to keep their businesses running as they experience reductions in manpower and resources. Project delays and disputes are the last things that many people want to think about, but they remain common occurrences in the industry. In order to make it through this time of uncertainty, your company will need reliable legal services at an affordable price.

At Cotney Construction Law, we are offering a plethora of commonly needed legal services all for affordable, prepaid legal fees. Below, we explain why these services are invaluable during this difficult time and how you can better protect your company for one low monthly price. If this global pandemic has left you feeling uncertain about the future of your business, consider protecting it with one of our subscription plans.

Protect Your Projects from Internal and External Threats With Prepaid Legal Fees

As of the time of this writing, a number of laws have been passed in order to address the widespread impact of COVID-19. More laws will undoubtedly pass as the situation develops, and contractors will need to keep up with new legislation and established regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With the low-risk investment of prepaid lawyer fees and our $599 a month Bronze plan, you can have access to an on-demand attorney as well as unlimited phone calls with our law firms, ensuring that you’ll have answers to your legal questions when you need them most.

Internal Threats

Whether related to delays or payments, disputes are only going to become more common given the unprecedented situation. Skilled labor, materials, or owner funding will be in short supply on a number of projects throughout the industry. Fortunately, our Bronze plan also includes unlimited contract review (non-dispute) to help your company avoid potential issues and unlimited demand letters to ensure your company receives the payments it’s so rightfully earned.

Look Through Our Other Plans for the Option That’s Right for You

The features listed above are all included with all of our plans. If you’re the owner of a mid- or large-size company, you may be interested in unlimited manual drafting, unlimited collections, and unlimited OSHA defense — just a few of our other features. During this time of uncertainty, we feel that the prices for our legal services shouldn’t be anything less than transparent. If you’re in search of a way to feasibly protect your company without spending exorbitant amounts in attorney’s fees, consider investing in prepaid lawyer fees with Cotney Construction Law.

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