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Positive Drug Tests in U.S. Workers

According to the recently released 2017 Drug Testing Index by Quest Diagnostics, positive tests for illegal drugs in the American workforce have stayed at their highest level in more than a decade. Analysis of more than 10 million drug test results have found that 4.2 percent of the U.S. workforce tested positive for the second year in a row, the highest percentage of positive tests since 2004. This research is clear evidence that drugs continue to permeate U.S. workplaces.

Increased cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine use is a contributing factor to the elevated percentage of positive drug tests. States that have legalized recreational marijuana use, such as Massachusetts and Nevada, have seen increases in positive drug tests as high as 14 and 43 percent respectively. These changes make it difficult for employers to gauge where and how to best focus their drug prevention efforts to ensure safe and healthy workplaces for their employees.

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