OSHA Inspections

Has OSHA Visited You Job Site Recently?

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) primary focus is to ensure the safety of individuals while at a worksite. Their rules serve as guidelines for companies to follow in order to provide safe environments for employees. To ensure compliance, OSHA conducts inspections of construction workplaces and job sites. It’s critical that your company is prepared for these inspections and that you have proper representation.

Our OSHA attorneys are well-versed in the OSHA inspection process and can ensure that you are prepared. If possible, we can be on-site to address the OSHA inspector. We can help you protect proprietary information, guide the OSHA inspector through the building tour, and facilitate interviews.

If OSHA shows up without prior notice, we can help your staff prepare for the inspection by providing them with instructions on how to present your worksite, company, and employees throughout this process.

For assistance with violations or for more information on your rights during an OSHA inspection, please contact our OSHA lawyers at 813.579.3278.

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