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Pre-Lien Notices in Tennessee for Subcontractors

The laws regarding pre-lien notices for subcontractors in Tennessee are extremely confusing, but don’t fret; our Nashville construction law firm has been fighting for the industry for years to secure payments from delinquent owners and ensure that the industry can continue to grow and prosper. In this brief article, construction attorneys with Cotney Construction Law will discuss pre-lien notices for subcontractors. 

Getting to Know Tennessee’s Pre-Lien Notices

Interested in learning about pre-lien notices in Tennessee? Here’s how it works:

  • In order to preserve lien rights, the subcontractor must send a notice of nonpayment to the owner and general contractor no later than ninety days after the last day of each month the subcontractor furnished provisions of labor or materials and has not been paid. If a subcontractor does not supply this notice, it will terminate their ability to file a mechanics’ lien according to Tennessee law.  
  • Next, the subcontractor must serve a notice of lien no later than ninety days after project completion or upon satisfying the terms and conditions of the contract. To be enforceable against third parties, this notice of lien must be filed within ninety days after project completion or upon satisfying the terms and conditions of the contract. 

Are You Ready to File a Mechanics Lien?

Nashville construction law is a complex legal field that requires a combination of textbook knowledge and blue-collar experience. That’s why Cotney Construction Law employs attorneys familiar with construction inside and outside of the courtroom. Our team is composed of former contractors, project managers, and workers. We fight for the construction industry to ensure that construction professionals are given a fair shake and have the legal protection they need to avoid detrimental incidents like owner nonpayment. We’ll help you perfect your lien and maintain your lien rights. Let the experienced attorneys at our Nashville construction law firm handle your case.

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