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Preventing Construction Site Robberies Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, the Nashville contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law discussed the growing issue of construction site robberies in Nashville. As a contractor, you understand the importance of keeping your workers safe so they can work efficiently and help you meet your deadlines, but this is impossible if they fear being held at gunpoint and robbed of their belongings. In part two, we will discuss some strategies for preventing construction site robberies including increasing surveillance, collaborating with local law enforcement officials, and implementing various countermeasures to ensure that in the event of a robbery, your workers and their belongings are safe.

Increase Surveillance

One way contractors can protect their workers from construction site robberies is by beefing up on-site surveillance. There are many ways this can be accomplished. Positioning cameras throughout the project site can help you identify trespassers. Posting surveillance notices is another way that you can dissuade criminals from trying to rob your workers. Clear, conspicuous signage causes criminals to rethink their plan and second guess whether or not they truly want to commit a criminal act and risk getting caught. Another way you can increase surveillance is by positioning an employee to intercept all incoming workers to verify their credentials before letting them enter the project site. A well-maintained, operable project site is less likely to be targeted than a disorganized one.

Collaborate with Local Law Enforcement Officials

Although law enforcement officials in Nashville have been slow to respond to the plight of the affected workers, collaborating with local law enforcement officials is one way you can tighten security on your project sites. Contractors should consider contacting the police and requesting that an officer is stationed by the project site to avert potential robberies. Even an unmanned police vehicle can be an effective preventative measure for keeping criminals away from your workers.

Employ Countermeasures

With the knowledge that construction site robberies are on the uptick, you can prepare countermeasures to help your workers retain their valuables in the event of a robbery. For example, you can utilize off-site lockers to store valuables or supply lunch for your workers so they don’t have to bring food or money to the project site. In addition, you can hire a private security professional to supervise your site.

Keeping your workers safe is imperative if you want to complete your projects on time and fulfill the terms of your contracts. You have a legal obligation to maintain the safety of your workers on the project site, so consult our Nashville contractor lawyers to see where you stand.

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