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Questions About Mobile Apps for Contractors Part 1

The construction industry is undergoing a radical change as new technology is adopted to boost efficiency, increase productivity, and combat the skilled labor shortage. As contractors attempt to contend with these changes by selecting the best solutions for their company’s needs, it becomes apparent that the same technology being implemented to save the construction industry in the long term is becoming a hindrance to contractors in the short term.

Contractors such as yourself are watching the construction industry change before their eyes, but by partnering with a Raleigh construction lawyer, you can stay ahead of the curve and prepare yourself for the wave of change sweeping through the construction industry. In this two-part series, a Raleigh construction attorney will discuss one of the most common technological advancements that contractors should be utilizing on project sites: mobile apps.

What Can Mobile Apps Do for My Contracting Business?

According to Lynn Foster, Director of Operations for AccuLynx, small or medium contracting companies can benefit greatly by focusing on incorporating mobile applications and software integrations on their project sites.

One major benefit of mobile technology is that it allows contractors to access a project site at any time regardless of where they are at the time. You no longer need to drive an hour to a project site to address a simple problem. With mobile technology, workers can communicate effectively with their superiors to address an array of issues without being physically present. Companies can save time and money by utilizing this technology.

When you improve communication you decrease the chance of a conflict or dispute arising. You have a duty to fulfill your Raleigh construction bond by performing work to the best of your ability, and mobile apps are designed to ease your workload by simplifying the construction process and ensuring that you and the owner are on the same page at all times.

What Are Some Effective Apps for Contractors?

There are an array of apps that can prove beneficial for contractors. Instead of promoting specific apps, we’ll cover some of the features contractors should be seeking when searching for mobile apps. Keep an eye out for apps that can help you with:

  • Customer-relationship management (CRM)
  • Aerial measurements
  • Tracking expenses
  • Time clocks
  • PDF scanning
  • Call recording
  • Vitals tracking

How Can I Create a More Informed Workforce?

Mobile apps are helping contractors eliminate pointless equipment and excessive paperwork on project sites. By equipping yourself with the right tools, contractors can ensure that all pertinent parties have access to important information on estimates, material orders, contracts, warranties, and more. This information can then be transferred instantaneously from device to device. The result? No more outdated information and a more informed project site.

To learn more about mobile apps for contractors, read part two.

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