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Reasons to Implement High-Quality Safety Audits Part 1

The nature of construction work is risky even for the most safety conscious professional, which is why it’s critical that construction companies conduct regular safety audits. As expert OSHA defense attorneys, we know that safety audits are critical for assessing and measuring safety on construction sites. In this section and part two, we will share the basics of safety audits and reasons why they are necessary and beneficial.

Safety Audit Basics

Safety audits are essential to effective safety management. The majority of injuries in the workplace happen because of unsafe behaviors rather than unsafe conditions. Audits focus on safety programs and they are also used as a tool to analyze employees’ understanding and compliance with safety procedures. Safety audits may be scheduled or unannounced, and a safety audit team may include management, supervisors or leads, and project teams or committees. As audits are conducted, observations, recommendations, and corrective items are documented and presented to responsible parties. Safety audit results and corrective actions are then communicated to employees.

A More Effective Safety Program

Every construction site brings unique challenges and hazards. You may have established a safety program but is it effective? Regular safety audits help you to stay a step ahead so you can discover hazards and avoid accidents. They also help you to stay up-to-date on training and identify those who need guidance in certain areas. Training employees to eliminate and avoid hazards is crucial. If you are in need of legal counsel regarding your safety program, contact an OSHA attorney as soon as possible. You should know if your program is meeting regulatory requirements, whether your workers are putting safety training into practice, and whether your tools, equipment, and training are effective. A strong safety program means your future projects will be more effective.

Reduced Injury and Illnesses

It is better to uncover a safety risk during a safety audit rather than after an accident has occurred. Cutting corners is one of the biggest reasons for work-related injuries because it is easy to become complacent in one’s daily job duties. Seasoned workers may decide to not follow safety procedures or forego wearing personal protective equipment, which endangers everyone on the jobsite. Safety audits give you the opportunity to assess your jobsite for unsafe conditions and behaviors, the state of your safety equipment, and building issues that require attention.

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