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Social Media Solutions for Contractors Part 1

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Contractors are tasked with an array of duties that require an inhuman level of multitasking proficiency. The best contractors are conscious of their weaknesses and aim to address them through the use of time-tested, practical solutions, as well as comparably untested, avant-garde practices. Unsurprisingly, as competing contractors aim to steal business from one another to attract skilled workers with increasingly lucrative offers, social media has become a tool for improving team relations, streamlining communication, and reeling in new business.

Our Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers have already witnessed the drastic effect of integrating social media into our clients’ construction processes. In this two-part article, we will explore different social media platforms and explain how they can be lawfully used to solve common problems faced by contractors.

Introduce Yourself to New Recruits with YouTube

Recruiting new employees can be a long and difficult process. How many times have you set up an interview with an applicant only to have them no call, no show? It happens more frequently than we care to admit. One way to secure interviews with applicants is to put a face to your company from the beginning by using YouTube.

Many companies are using introductory videos to introduce applicants to a their brand and culture. By producing a video that clarifies your mission and establishes a relatable face for your company, you minimize the chance of an applicant not showing up as a result of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. You don’t want to waste your time interviewing unskilled workers, but on the same ticket, your applicants don’t want to waste time on fruitless interviews.

Improve Communication with Facebook

Facebook has afforded users more ways to engage with one another than virtually any other social media platform. Contractors can take advantage of Facebook’s communication optimizations by creating private groups for specific projects using Facebook Pages Manager. The contractor can then create a calendar of work days, post notices, facilitate discussions, and even survey workers to gauge opinions about a project. As the contractor, you ultimately control the project’s trajectory, but your team will appreciate being offered the chance to let their voice be heard.

Facebook also functions as an interchange station for your workers’ various socials. By connecting with your workers on Facebook, you bolster accountability and make it easier to contact your employees, even when they aren’t logged in to Facebook. When you create a Facebook page for a project, you rest assured that all parties are notified whenever you have something to say, which means your workforce is on the same page every morning.

Social media has the potential to solve an array of problems facing contractors. In part two, we will examine how Instagram and Glassdoor can help contractors.

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